Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) and Diversity in National Security: Can We Ever Be "Bias-Free"?

13:40 - 15:00
Room 215, Shaw Centre

Making room for inclusivity and diversity within national security decision-making, this panel will feature Canadian leaders, experts, and champions of the Government of Canada's tool, Gender-Based Analysis Plus. The panel will explore how an intersectional lens can be applied to government initiatives in the ever evolving environment of Canada's national security, and how GBA+ is being used to communicate how the Government of Canada is safeguarding rights and freedoms and reducing stigmatization by opening doors to communities.

Theme: Inclusion

Livestream: No

Open to media: Yes

Organizers: Public Safety Canada

Languages available: English, French

Event type: Panel


Monik Beauregard: Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, National and Cyber Security Branch, Public Safety Canada, Caroline Xavier: Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Security and Intelligence, Canada, Tricia Geddes: Assistant Director, Policy and Strategic Partnerships, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Rachel Schmidt: Research Fellow, Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society, Canada

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