From Transparency and Openness of Data to Effective Anti-Corruption Strategies: Comparing Lessons from the Open Parliament and Open Government Communities

15:10 - 16:30
Room 210, Shaw Centre

When governments and parliaments commit to greater transparency and openness of data, but don’t address broader issues of corruption, it leaves parliaments, and OGP more generally, open to allegations of open-washing. Transparency in its own right has not led to increased accountability to the needs of the broader population of citizens, particularly marginalized groups such as women and ethnic minorities, who are more likely to be negatively impacted by high levels of impunity and corruption. This session is intended to explore areas where parliaments and governments have sought to link transparency and openness of data more directly to greater accountability and anti-corruption. Specifically, it is intended to explore whether there are lessons to be shared between the experience of governments, parliaments, and anti-corruption agencies in framing commitments. Are there success stories in terms of open government commitments that might inform better framing of open parliament commitments?

Theme: Open track

Livestream: No

Open to media: Yes

Organizers: Open Parliament e-Network (OPeN), National Democratic Institute (NDI)

Languages available: English, French, Spanish

Event type: Panel

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