Gender and Corruption: Developing a Roadmap for Gendered Approaches to Anti-Corruption Commitments in OGP Action Plans

10:30 - 11:50
Room 214, Shaw Centre

In this session we will collectively identify how we can advance in the Open Government Partnership commitments aimed at fighting corruption through a gender perspective. The session will start with a brief presentation of the issue of gender and anti-corruption. Afterwards the participants will break out into groups to discuss, based on the participant’s experience of gender and corruption, one of three issues:
  1. Types of corruption that have a gender dimension
  2. Anti-corruption approaches that include a gender perspective which can be incorporated into OGP action plans
  3. Ways to assess gender dimension of OGP anti-corruption commitments.
The session will end with flash presentations by each group and a discussion on this important topic.

Theme: Inclusion

Livestream: Yes

Open to media: Yes

Organizers: Transparency International (TI)

Languages available: English, French, Spanish

Event type: Workshop


Delia Ferreira Rubio: Chair of Transparency International, Germany

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