Feminist Skillshare: Give and Borrow Knowledge to Make Open Government More Inclusive

12:00 - 13:20
Room 208, Shaw Centre

This workshop will provide a space for participants to share vital skills. Women’s rights groups have both a clear role to play, and a clear benefit opportunity, from Open Government initiatives. They hold valuable lessons to be leveraged – and would benefit from using existing transparency tools to further their missions. However, in addition to often being underfunded and overstretched, women’s groups are rarely sought out to participate in Open Government processes. This skillshare will enable Inclusion track participants to share lessons in driving gender equality, and to gain new skills in return. The objective of this session will be to “matchmake” participants for sustained conversations – these topics are too big to cover in just an hour. Our goal is to foster a creative, inclusive environment for participants to meet and start sharing knowledge. Afterwards, OH will develop platforms (via Slack channels, blogs, follow-up calls, etc.) to build on these connections.

Theme: Inclusion

Livestream: No

Open to media: Yes

Organizers: Humanist Institute for Collaborations with Developing Countries (Hivos)

Languages available: English, French

Event type: Workshop

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